Below are the learning exercises for Chapter 3. What is required of you is to pi

Below are the learning exercises for Chapter 3. What is required of you is to pick 5 of the following to talk about? Each one will require a 2 to 3 paragraph informational response. This will be in the form of an essay paper. The 1st page is the Title page, the content pages you will have each section separated with the question you have chosen, the last page will be a reference page. Some may require research. This is an assignment for grading.
Can you think of an example of when you would need to build brand awareness? Drive response and sales? Create consumer demand? Satisfy consumer demand?
Online banner advertising and outdoor display advertising both use images to try to increase sales. In planning, both need to consider placement so as to be seen by their most likely audience. What are the key differences?
Explain why intrusive ads may be a good choice for an advertiser. Think of a situation where a user may see an intrusive ad and have a bad experience with it. Do you think that could change a user’s opinion of that brand? If so, how?
Which pricing model do you think would be best suited for a branding campaign? Why? For a direct response campaign? Why?
Explain the role an ad server plays in a campaign. Why is it important? What may happen if there isn’t an ad server?
Describe a situation in which contextual advertising would be harmful to a campaign.
Can you think of an example when an advertiser may find geotargeting useful? What about targeting by day and time?
Why do you think it is important to define the goal of the campaign first?
Explain in your own words why a holistic approach to eMarketing is important.
Refer to the paragraph about images. Think of another situation and explain how images can be used.
Go to Links to an external site. and Links to an external site.. What advertising can you find on the front page of these two Web sites? What products are being advertised, and how are they being advertised? What can you infer about the target market for these products?

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